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ProMed: Your partner for the perfect survey

The Quality Indicator Survey, or QIS, is making its way to your facility. From what we're hearing, it's being greeted with apprehension, anticipation and even a little bit of fear. ProMed wants to help you prepare for the QIS and stay survey-ready every day.

While the QIS is currently only being used in 11 states and won't be fully rolled out nationwide for a number of years (see "QIS Forecasting" on page 8 of Embrace), now is the time to prepare. It's also the time to remember that the QIS isn't meant to "punish" long-term facilities. At its core, it's meant to be a more consistent, objective and accurate reflection of resident care.

It has been rumored that once MDS 3.0 goes live on October 1 (see our article on MDS 3.0 on page 14 of Embrace), QIS implementation will take on some speed.

What's new? What's not?

Remember, the only thing that is changing is the process that surveyors use. The regulations are the same. However, during the first year of QIS implementation, changes in the process led to an increase in deficiencies. At some facilities, deficiencies even tripled. The number of G and IJ tags also increased under the QIS.

The QIS differs from the traditional survey in that it is computer driven, objective and uses a large sample size (70 resident records). In addition, the statement of deficiencies is computer generated. It is also much more resident-focused and uses structured interview tools for the resident, family, staff and chart reviews.

What is ProMed doing to help?

In order to have a successful survey, your facility needs to know what to expect. As your partner in health care, ProMed would like to assist you with preparing for the QIS. We are in the process of creating Compliance Solutions for the Perfect Survey Every Day, a website that will be a virtual treasure trove of survey preparation tools. The site will debut in fall of 2010.

Planned contents include:

  • How the QIS Works. An in-depth look at the new survey process as well as its objectives and strengths. We've taken the actual forms that the surveyors use and organized them into specific areas of concern. There's no need to download hundreds of pages to find the information that you want.
  • Tools, Training and Tracking. This section will contain in-service guides as well as resources for educating your staff. The Tracking component includes forms to assist you in monitoring progress in key areas of concern.
  • Having a Perfect Survey. Our QA section will house tools as well as tips and tricks to assist you in preparing for the perfect survey every day.
  • It Could Happen to You. We've assembled a collection of real-life case studies that you can use to evaluate how you would respond to given issues in your own facility.
  • Related Links. We'll guide you to additional industry and regulatory resources.
Even if your state won't see QIS implementation for several years, Compliance Solutions for the Perfect Survey Every Day can be used as a continuous QA tool in your facility.

With over 450 years of long-term care experience within our management team, ProMed can provide everything you need to be survey-ready every day.