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MDS 3.0

The resident voice

By Pam West

In the last issue of Embrace, we discussed the changes that were coming with MDS 3.0. Since then, we have received finalization of the RAI manual and MDS 3.0 is now here! In this article, we are going to pick up where we left off and take a more in-depth look at the biggest change to the MDS 3.0 - the resident interview. In the previous MDS, we were trained to observe, question and listen to the resident, but truthfully, that wasn't happening. With the new MDS 3.0, CMS introduces us to the advancement of assessment measures.

The new MDS also allows the resident to have a larger voice in the assessment process. The resident's voice comes in the form of resident interviews, which are done in several different areas of not only the MDS but the QIS process as well.

There is no "trick" to the interview process. The more interviews you do, the more comfortable you will feel doing them and the better you will become. Determine who will be conducting the interviews in your facility and train them on interviewing skills. Anyone can do them as long as they stay scripted and ask the questions the way they are written.

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